Emotional stress is unfortunately considered by many as a normal state of being. Work, family, relationships and city life can all be significant sources of stress which in turn can have an enormous effect on our bodies ability to function well.

The result is hyperactivity, restlessness, muscle tension, cardiovascular stress and other intensified functions

If the stress is prolonged, or perceived to be by your nervous system, various hormones and glands become overworked and you pay the price: chemical waste is produced. This waste causes degeneration of nerve cells, free radical damage throughout the body, and even further hormone imbalance. It’s all downhill as far as your body is concerned


  • Poor diet filled w/ fast foods
  • Poor diet filled w/ processed & packaged food
  • Improper sleep
  • Unnecessary medications


  • Over-work
  • Financial Strain
  • Physical pain and injury

‘Clear the nervous system and allow the body to heal itself’

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