Congratulations on experiencing your first adjustment at my Network Chiropractic office.

Your subluxations have most likely been present for some period of time before today’s adjustment. As a result your body and mind may have become accustomed to behavior patterns produced by a nervous system which was not working at its best.

Change has already begun with today’s visit!

You may notice that your breath has deepened, or a change in the position of your neck or head, or increased ease within your being. Perhaps you are not quite sure what you feel. Many patients within the first few weeks of adjustments are aware of their spines’ release of tension, and naturally occurring movements which enhance spinal and neurological stability.

Perhaps you had an ailment, pain, or symptom you were hoping would resolve when you consulted me. You may be wondering how the adjustment is affecting that particular region of your body that concerns you.

The adjustment has allowed your spine and nervous system to begin to recover from nonproductive patterns of behavior and to dissipate energy that has been stored within the spinal system. The adjustment is achieved as a result of your body beginning its re-education process. Your spine and nervous system are able to better express spinal stability and integrity.

You are awaking right this moment. From this moment on, a healthier spine and nervous system and an improved quality of life is within your reach.

What happens next?

All this and more has already begun to happen. Consistent adjustments will help this process to continue.

Consistent care will enable you to reduce re-injury, enhance self-correction and allow for a greater communication between your brain and body cells. A spine and nervous system which has regained its integrity is more flexible, recovers and learns from the past, and adapts to (deals with) the present more effectively and constructively.

Chiropractic, as I practice it, offers you and your family the opportunity to improve your quality of life as measured through a wide range of health indicators.

As your chiropractor, the more significant a change I can initiate in your spine and nervous system in the initial phase of care, the more effective your healing can be.

As you recover, your body may retrace some of the memory patterns of stresses to the spine and nerve system you’ve experienced. This means that your body may be aware of old injuries, symptoms, or ailments, as it corrects subluxation patterns.

Common recovery changes include changes in breathing patterns, elimination, digestion, or sensory perceptions such as tingling, warmth, and itchiness. You may also notice blood pressure and hormonal changes, or symptoms such as fever associated with your body “cleaning house”. The presence or severity of these symptoms, or any other symptom in and of itself does not necessarily mean that you are better. Symptoms can have many meanings. The reducing of subluxation patterns, and the accompanying increased ease and improved spinal function is an indication of the positive changes you are achieving.

As tension releases from your spine, it is common for some people to have an emotional discharge. Emotions may naturally gush forth, freeing you from their weight and control. Laughter or tears are common in people of all ages, as subluxation patterns are eliminated.

The power of the chiropractic adjustment is in you, and as Michelangelo stated about the beauty of his statue David, “He was there all the time, he just had to be freed”.

I do not schedule appointments after the initial visit. And I do not set up care plans. I find them to be too rigid. This work is about releasing stresses and not causing them. However, I am teaching the body a new language. I need to start with the alphabet before we can get to words, sentences, paragraphs, chapters etc… So, at the beginning of care more often is better than less often. The more time that passes between adjustments the more I have to re-teach the body rather than start where we left off. I usually recommend twice a week for the first several weeks of care.

What I have created here is an oasis for people to come in, take their shoes off, let their hair down and just be. Take the time out of your life to lie down, breathe, and get worked on.

However, if for any reason you are pressed for time, just tell me and I can get you in and out in less than 20 minutes. (Network Express Table)

I look forward to initiating the process of growth, health and development through the correction of vertebral subluxations in you and your entire family.

I congratulate you on your decision to become a member of this practice.


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We’ll help you achieve optimal physical and emotional wellness.