What differentiates Network from most other chiropractic techniques is that it addresses the emotional and chemical systems as well as the structural systems of the body.

Traditional chiropractic recognizes the Intelligent life force within the body which enlivens, inspires, coordinates, and heals us. When this life force is allowed to flow freely and without constriction or interference throughout the various body systems the body is able to receive the messages about what it needs to fully express who we are.

However, when there are interferences from the brain, through the nerves in the form of “subluxations” (which is a fancy term for spinal misalignments) the body reacts much like a radio that isn’t fully tuned into the radio station. There is static, which appears in the form of all sorts of symptoms of disease in body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Our whole life can be affected in very subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) ways. The longer this goes on the more we forget what it is like to be the vibrant and healthy beings we were created to be.

Network Chiropractic utilizes various gentle sustained contacts to release the tension or interference in the spine and thereby allows the body the ability to heal. Once the tension is released from the nervous system then the body can better handle the gentle specific structural adjustments of the spine. These sessions are powerful in a very gentle way.

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